SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experience)

Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) is a student-led, instructor-supervised, work-based

learning experience that results in measurable outcomes within a predefined, agreed-upon set

of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) Technical Standards and Career Ready

Practices aligned to a career plan of study.

SAE is a...

Hi, My name is Raff, I am a Junior at Allentown and have been a part of FFA for 2 years. My SAE is working at Cream Ridge Winery. I learned about various methods for sustainable agriculture and the wine-making process. I got my SAE from asking my advisors for any farm jobs in the area. I hope to learn more about natural resources and sustainable agriculture in the future.

Hey everyone! My name is Lilly and I’m a senior at Allentown High School and the current FFA president for our chapter. My current SAE is interning at Bucks Dog Training which I started just this year. With this SAE, I have been able to learn about dog behaviors and how to understand dogs of all sizes and breeds. My hope is to learn how to train therapy and service dogs in the near future and overall gain more knowledge about dogs.

Hey, I’m Kathryn and I’m a junior at Allentown High School! My SAE is breeding and raising Holland Lop rabbits, which I have been doing since I joined the FFA as a freshman. By doing this I have been able to learn more about animal husbandry and how to care for animals at different stages of life. I have also been able to learn how to market and advertise the rabbits I’m selling. I plan to grow my business and learn different methods of keeping my animals healthy through this SAE.